Customer Reviews

Dramatically Improved My Grandsons Life

Date: February 28, 2018 Written by: Lynda Scaife From: [Facebook Review]

Thank you CalmWear your vests have dramatically improved my grandsons life and we are forever grateful.

Remarkable Product

Date: February 16, 2018 Writtenby: Joyce From: Morris, CT, United States

I ordered both the tee and the tank. Needless to say, he will not spend one day without wearing this clothing. He sleeps in the tank and wears either one during the day. He has never worn anything like this before and when asked to explain what they do for him, he stated that wearing them makes him feel “better” and "calmer."

I also cannot say enough about the unique material. It is totally breathable and washes very well. Thank you for making such a wonderful, high-quality product!

Thank you so much CalmWear you have changed my child’s life!!

Date: February 14, 2018 Written by: Lukas Brunner From: [Facebook Review]

Thank you so much CalmWear you have changed my child’s life!!

I can't believe how calm he is!

Date: June 3, 2019 Written by: Marcy McRoberts From: Newport, Kentucky, USA

I saw the change in only 15 minutes of putting it on him. He is 8, and has autism - our bedtime routine is difficult, to say the least. I put it on him for the first time before bed, and within 15 mins he was winding down, calm, and relaxed. What a difference!

We have tried so many others, but none have done what CalmWear does!

Date: June 6, 2019 Written by: Jen Fournier From: Maple Ridge, Canada

We had tried other compression shirts in the past, and they worked for a time, but then didn't anymore - we have been using CalmWear on our son Ethan, who has autism, for over a year now, and the benefits just keep coming. CalmWear is now an everyday part of our routine, and I can't imagine our lives without this amazing tool. We have really come together as a family again, due to no more meltdowns, and more connection with our son. 

I love that you don’t need to take CalmWear on and off all day like a lot of other sensory clothing

Date: January 16, 2018 Writtenby: Anna Parker, Mother to Joplin, age 4From: White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Since our son Joplin started wearing CalmWear, we have seen some real changes in his demeanor. He is much calmer, flapping his hands less, and generally happier.

Some of the biggest changes we have seen, are in his ability to self soothe, to fall - and stay - asleep. We struggled for years to have him fall asleep, and since wearing the CalmWear he is falling asleep easily on his own!

We have also seen some huge changes in his gross motor skills. With the proprioceptive input the CalmWear is providing him, he is rolling a lot more, bum scooting a little bit, and getting himself into independent sitting. Having more mobility and the ability to change his own position has been huge for us!!!!

We love that we don’t need to take CalmWear on and off all day like a lot of other sensory clothing. It can be so hard to get him dressed, the last thing I want is to have to do it over and over all day. The fabric is super soft and breathable and he stays comfortable and cool in it 24/7.

Thanks CalmWear!

His stimming (hand flapping) and tantrums are almost none now!

Date: January 15, 2018 Writtenby: Janice Lee, Mother of Jaxon - 4 years old From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

My son Jaxon is 4 years old. He has Sensory Processing Disorder, as well as Behavioural and Emotional Dysregulation.

Before CalmWear, our house was nothing short of chaos. I, myself, have Multiple Sclerosis, and I am a single parent, with three kids in total, 10 years old and under.

Jaxon was very disruptive, very aggressive, screaming and yelling, climbing the furniture…. He had severe meltdowns that would last HOURS, and would include self - harming, such as head banging, and biting and punching himself..

The thought of me leaving the house was terrifying. Having someone over was equally scary.

Since wearing CalmWear, Jaxon’s days have improved so much. The first big change was with his sleeping habits. He has gone from sleeping 5 hours a night, to 11, and this change was immediate! AMAZING!

His stimming ( hand flapping ) and tantrums are almost none now, and the little ones he has are so much less in duration and intensity.

He is just plainly and simply, a MUCH happier kid now, and as a result, WE are a much more rested, and happier household!

Unexpectedly Fantastic

Date: January 10, 2018 Written by: Karissa Sheehan, Mom to Summer - Age 6 From: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

I say our experience with our daughter Summer wearing CalmWear has been 'unexpectedly fantastic' only because we have tried compression pieces in the past, with very poor response.

Summer has non-verbal Autism, as well as a genetic disorder called Tuberous Sclerosis, which cause her to have daily seizures. We put the CalmWear on her and immediately saw that she loved it! She started to rub her chest and tummy, with a huge smile on her face!

She wears CalmWear all the time now, and we notice a change in her when we take it off to wash it. She is moody and frustrated when she isnt wearing it. We are in the early stages with it still, but we can say for sure that she is a happier little girl with CalmWear.

We are very thankful for this!

CalmWear changes, big AND small, are making a difference in our family!

Date: January 9, 2018 Writtenby: Fee Johnson, Mom to Bhodi 6, and River, 4 From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I have two boys, Bhodi 6, and River, 4. River is diagnosed with non verbal autism, and Bhodi with Anxiety Developmental Coordination Disorder, Executive Dysfunction Disorder, and ADHD.

BOTH of them wear CalmWear now.

INSTANTLY, I saw a difference with Bodhi’s anxiety and behaviour. He even protested when I took it off to wash it, saying “ but when will I get it back…? It feels like a hug “. He said it makes him feel safe all day long! He now sleeps much better, and is calmer in school.

We noticed the biggest difference in River once we took it off after having it on him for a week, straight. His hand movements became more erratic right away, so we put it right back on! He now goes to bed without being cuddled tight and no longer talks to himself for hours…..his sleeping is much better.

He is less ‘squeaky’, and self regulates much faster. Changes, big AND small, are making a difference in our family!

CalmWear is, and will continue to be, an everyday part of our lives

Date: January 6, 2018 Writtenby: Lindsay King - Mom to JR, age 4 From: Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

My son JR is 4, and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has many sensory issues which affect his day to day life...

JR has been wearing CalmWear for almost 3 months now, 24 hrs/day.

The very first time I put on his singlet, he giggled and seemed to really enjoy the feeling of it immediately. Very shortly after that, we noticed he was engaging in more eye contact, and was able to stay focused on a task.

Meltdowns are far less, and he is way more regulated!! His OT and therapists have noticed with each visit, that he is able to sit at the table for longer periods, and is much more engaging.

JR is VERY tactile sensitive, and since wearing the singlet, he has begun to play with textures, such as the ‘bean bin’ and playdough. Before CalmWear, he couldn't even look at these without gagging ... now he PLAYS with them!

His sleeping, and family interactions have also improved! Preschool has become easier for him, and he is parallel playing with classmates now. His body awareness is improving, and I think we are ready to potty train!!!!!

CalmWear is, and will continue to be, an everyday part of our lives.



We have already allowed for the correct amount of  sensory compression, so please use the exact chest measurement when deciding on size.

If your measurement is between two sizes, our recommendation is that you size down, although both will work. The reason we recommend sizing down, is that most individuals are craving the sensory input to feel calm, so slightly more snug is always a safe way to go. However, if the garment is for a growing child, you may want to choose the higher of the two sizes. 

 CalmWear needs to provide gentle sensory compression to the muscles to work effectively, so be sure to choose the size within these guidelines. 




CM Inches
0 46cm 18"
1 48cm 19"
2 52cm 20.5"
3 54cm 21"
4 56cm 22"
5 58cm 23"
6 60cm 23.5"
7 62cm 24.5"
8 64cm 25"
9 66cm 26"
10 68cm 26.5"
12 70cm 27.5"
14 74cm 29"
16 78cm 30.5"
18 82cm 31.5"





CM Inches
0 43cm 17"
1 45cm 17.5"
2 47cm 18.5"
3 49cm 19.5"
4 51cm 20"
5 53cm 21"
6 55cm 21.5"
7 57cm 22.5"
8 59cm 23"
9 61cm 23.5"
10 63cm 24.5"
12 65cm 25.5"
14 67cm 26.5"
16 72cm 28.5"
18 77cm 30.5"



Shoulder to Crotch
CM Inches CM Inches
2 52cm 20.5" 44cm 17.5"
3 54cm 21" 46cm 18"
4 56cm 22" 48cm 19"
5 58cm 23" 50cm 19.5"
6 60cm 23.5" 52cm 20.5"
7 62cm 24.5" 54cm 21"
8 64cm 25" 56cm 22"
9 66cm 26" 58cm 23"
10 68cm 27" 62cm 24.5"
12 72cm 28.5" 66cm 26"
14 76cm 30" 72cm 28.5"



(Please note: For women, the chest is measured under the bust )



CM Inches
XXS 80cm 31.5"
XS 84cm 33"
S 90cm 35.5"
M 96cm 38"
L 102cm 40"
XL 108cm 42.5"
2XL 114cm 45"
3XL 120cm 47"
4XL 126cm 49.5"





CM Inches
XS 84cm 33"
S 88cm 35"
M 92cm 36.5"
L 97cm 38"
XL 102cm 40"
2XL 107cm 42"